More than 10 years ago, David Goodwin (DCR) began a project to put road and trail data on MassGIS. Nick Holland and others did the GPS work, and the data went live at MassGIS in March 2014. Many trails have undergone recent blazing, but judging from their appearance, some blazes appear to be more than 20 years old. The following maps organize the MassGIS maze of trails within four blue-blazed loops. The New England National Scenic Trail (NET) is also included on these maps, as well as the Over the Top Trail (OT) and the New England Trail - Snow Route (NET-SR)  The NET is the newest of 11 National Scenic Trails, (like the Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail), and goes from Guilford, CT, on Long Island Sound to the Massachusetts-New Hampshire border in Royalston, MA, a distance of about 215 miles. The Metacomet-Monadnock Trail (M-M) continues into NH to Monadnock and the Greenway Trail continues on to the base of Mount Sunapee. Much of this trail system is within a semi-wilderness Corridor, and is supported by the Quabbin to Cardigan (Q2C) Partnership.

1) The trail slope is minimal, so the trails are accessible to the beginner-intermediate hiker, x-c skier, snow-shoer, or mountain biker.  This intentional design avoids erosion.

2) The trails are low impact, avoiding areas which might be damaged by people traffic. 

3) The trails are sustainable. Because the trails pass over gentle terrain, there are no water bars. As you can literally step across the few small streams, there are no bridges.

4)  The NET is marked with  WHITE  blazes. (Alternate connector trails, marked with GREEN  blazes, are SNOW  ROUTES  (SR), and make for easier travel in snow conditions.)  The  BLUE  LOOP  TRAILS have connector trails within the loop, and are marked with GREEN blazes. INTERSECTION  MARKERS  are located on the maps, but not yet at all of the actual trail intersections.  Connector trails between BLUE LOOPS are marked with  PINK  blazes.

ALEXANDER  HILL  RD. TRAILHEAD – In addition to the NET  (New England Trail), there are two  BLUE LOOP TRAILS:

               ALEXANDER  HILL BLUE LOOP - Intersection  # 41 - 50

              ASA STRATTON Blue Loop – Intersection Numbers  #51 - 59


              COLLER CEMETERY EAST  – Intersection Numbers  #1 - 20    

              COLLER CEMETERY WEST – Intersection Numbers  #21 - 40

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