The New England Trail (NET) is the newest of 11 National Scenic Trails, (like the Appalachian Trail), and goes from Guilford, CT, on Long Island Sound to the MA-NH border in Royalston, MA, a distance of about 215 miles. The Metacomet-Monadnock Trail (M-M) continues into NH to Monadnock and the Greenway Trail continues on to the base of Mount Sunapee. Much of this trail system is within a semi-wilderness Corridor, and is supported by the Quabbin to Cardigan (Q2C) Partnership.
Northbound, (NOBO), the NET enters NORTHFIELD from ERVING at the upper section of Old Wendell Road, and continues to the highest point on South Mountain Road. There is a trail that passes over Crag Mountain and reconnects with the NET at a trailhead kiosk and parking area on Gulf Road. (The NET officially descends South Mountain Road, turns left (N) on Gulf Road, reaching the trailhead kiosk and parking area.) The NET is marked with WHITE blazes in Massachusetts.
From the GULF ROAD TRAILHEAD, the NET crosses the road and ambles along to the EAST through a lovely glen. An alternate route, the “Over the Top Trail” is marked with BLUE blazes and reconnects to the NET. Another alternate trail, the NET-SR (Snow Route) – makes for easier travelling in snow conditions – and is skiable by an intermediate back-country skier. The NET descends steeply to Hidden Pond, which is north of GREAT SWAMP and KEYUP BROOK. Thereafter, the NET ascends moderately through rough terrain and reaches the summit of STRATTON MOUNTAIN (elvation 1285 feet.), the RICHARDSON-ZLOGAR HIKERS CABIN and the EAST VIEW. From a point on the edge of the hill, Mount Wachusett, to the S, Mt. Watatic, New Ipswich Mt., Mt. Grace, Little Monadnock, Monadnock, Gap Mt. to the East, and Mt. Ascutney to the North, are visible.
To stay in the cabin, go to, navigate to shelters and the Richardson-Zlogar Hikers Cabin. The calendar lets you make a RESERVATION and then you need to complete a REGISTRATION, in order to receive the lock combination for the cabin. Maximum stay is 2 nights. There is no charge, but a suggested donation is $3/person/night. Two tent platforms do not require reservation or registration.
The NET continues to the WEST VIEW and then proceeds to the ALEXANDER HILL ROAD TRAILHEAD, kiosk, and parking area, on the POWER LINE.
The NET goes N, crosses the power line, enters the woods for less than a mile, crosses the power line – Mt. Ascutney may be visible – and heads East until it joins a woods road that leads to BASS ROAD (formerly White Rd.) in WARWICK, MA.

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